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Catholic Education is focused on educating the whole child with an emphasis on spiritual and emotional well-being.  At St. Matthias Catholic Academy, a veteran faculty and staff provide a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment at all grade levels, Nursery through Grade 8.  We believe our students are lifelong learners.  Our mission is to guide and facilitate student learning so that they will become successful citizens in our ever-changing world.


Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, & Kindergarten Programs

We believe that a successful school career has its foundation in a positive and rich early learning experience.  St. Matthias Catholic Academy welcomes children beginning with our 3-year-old program.  The focus of these programs, taught by experienced early childhood educators, is the development of the whole child through activity and play.  Social skill development is integrated into a curriculum that provides a strong foundation for later learning.  More information on Early Learning Standards is available at

The Academic Program – Grades 1 to 8

St. Matthias Catholic Academy provides a Standards-based education grounded in the New York Learning Standards.  These Standards are available at . Our challenging academic program incorporates project-based learning experiences and direct instruction supported by a variety of teaching modalities.  A full curriculum is provided including regular classes in Science and Social Studies.  Technology is integrated in all curriculum areas and is used to support and enrich the learning experience.  Additional programs are offered in Second Language, Computer Science, Music, and Library Science.  Extra-curricular activities enrich the learning environment by providing opportunities to practice skills and expand understanding.  These include, but are not limited to:  music, media, robotics, and sports programs.


Faith Formation – Living Our Catholic Values

The academic program at St. Matthias Catholic Academy is intrinsically tied to our students’ faith formation.   Our Catholic values are fully integrated into every area of the curriculum and carry through to our extracurricular activities and service projects.  An overview of the Religion Curriculum taught during regularly scheduled Religion classes can be found at .  Students participate in frequent liturgies and prayer services.  Prayer is a critical daily activity as it affirms our central relationship with our God.  Sacramental Programs (First Communion and Confirmation) are run by St. Matthias Parish.  The Academy supports the students’ participation in these programs and provides the required catechesis.

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