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Super Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the

St. Matthias Catholic Academy

Super Raffle!

Super “7” Raffle Winners:

Prize Amount Number Name

$500.00 57 Brendon Harfmann

$500.00 9 Gerry Parry

$500.00 167 Harry Ruiz

$500.00 152 Raymond & Michele Martin

$1,000.00 151 Katherine Serrano

$2,000.00 140 Jessica Guay

$5,000.00 90 Nancy Regan

Other Raffle Winners:

TV Raffle Priscilla Esteves

Scratch Off Richard Bossong

Surprise Raffles:

Dinner Plates Jim & Dolores Bittel

Rocket Blender The Angry Gnome Pub

Air Fryer Alexandra Schira

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