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SMCA's New Website!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Welcome to our new website! We are working hard to update and streamline our web design to create a user-friendly platform for parents, students, and prospective families. Currently, we have populated the key components of our new site. Please be patient as we continue our work on expanding the content. Areas still in need of development will give the message “Under Construction”.

As you begin using our new site, I’d like to point out some of the key areas of interest. You will find easy links at the very top of the homepage for the most used information including our calendar and ways to contact/visit SMCA. The site also contains an important message and “donate” banner at the top of the home page. Below these, you will find six boxes representing current news for St. Matthias Catholic Academy. These posts will reflect current messages and upcoming events.

Below the posts, you will find the section containing information about St. Matthias Catholic Academy. After clicking on the “more” button, you will discover sections on our mission, history, parish affiliation, and our photo gallery. This information will be of special interest to prospective families.

The Resources section of our website contains 4 key components of SMCA-Student Life, Parent Life, Admissions, and Support SMCA. Each box is a button leading you to more detailed information about St. Matthias Catholic Academy. Information on Catholic Identity, Curriculum, Class Pages, Extracurricular Activities, and our Handbook will be found in the Student Life section. Parent Life will highlight information regarding Family Events, Volunteer Opportunities, and Parent Support.

The Admissions section will be key for parents interested in registration or re-registration information. This area contains the basic application forms, requirements, and deadlines. Tuition rates and financial aid information can be found here, as well.

The fourth section is entitled Support SMCA. This area will house information for alumni, benefactors, and parents. St. Matthias Catholic Academy relies on the support of current families, alumni, and friends for financial support that “bridges the gap” between income from tuition, government funding and diocesan support and the real cost of educating our children. You can also find information about The St. Matthias Educational Foundation by clicking within Support SMCA. All members of our community can support SMCA through use of the Box Tops App and Amazon Smile. Every donation makes a difference!

Finally, you will see 3 Highlights at the bottom of our home page. We are showcasing our Catholic Identity, Hydroponic Lab, and Accelerated Math Program. These are only a sampling of the important programs that support our mission at SMCA.

We hope you will visit our site often and continue to share your input on how to make the great things happening at SMCA visible through this site.

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