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Parent Responsibilities


Parents are the first and primary educators of their children. From birth to adulthood, our children follow our example in word and action. The lessons you provide your child must compliment and support those of our academy for our mission to succeed. 

Your responsibilities include:

1. Sending the message that “school is important”. 

2. Teaching the importance of respect and responsibility. 

3. Becoming an active member of our school community. 

4. Providing your child with the necessary tools for learning. 

5. Making sure your child attends school. 

6. Supporting the student-academy-home partnership in word and action. 

7. It is important for parents to volunteer and support our programs, events, and fundraising.

Parent/Guardian Participation Contract


As a parent/guardian of a child/children attending St. Matthias Catholic Academy, I understand that our tuition and fees do not cover the entire cost of educating my child/children. 

I am aware that part of the deficit in the school budget, (the difference between tuition/fees collected and projected expenses) for the school year will have to be made up through the various fund raising activities and other volunteer work for the school as specified by the Finance Committee in consultation with the Pastor and Principal. Therefore, since I freely choose to send my child/children to St. Matthias School, I/we understand and agree:


Each family will purchase or sell 10 Boosters per month at a cost of $2.00 each.


During our September candy drive, each student is required to sell one box of candy.


Volunteer service from September 1 to June 15 is required in ONE or more of the areas described in the Financial Policy/Helping Hands attachment. Volunteer may be parents or their approved substitute. All volunteers must be Virtus trained.


NOTE: All workers will be assigned on the basis of availability and need. It is my responsibility to contact the chair people of the committee to receive proper credit for hours worked.  All volunteers with contact with students must be Virtus trained. 

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