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Principal’s Newsletter

St. Matthias Catholic Academy is excitedly planning for our return to school in September!  

     We are currently cleaning, repairing and most importantly sanitizing our school to prepare for the SAFE return of our students, faculty and staff.  We will be updating you very soon with our detailed reopening plan.  In addition, within the week we will be emailing each family a survey about your intentions for the return to school.  Please make it a priority to return your child’s survey in order to help us make informed decisions and prepare the best we can.  

     Please also make sure that your child is continuing to work on his/her summer ELA and Math assignments that were provided by each teacher.  It is important to continue reinforcing the knowledge and skills that were learned this year in order to prepare for the next grade level.  

     Thank you to Ms. Mehlrose and Mr. Gering for instructing our virtual TACHS Preparation Program to assist our rising 8th graders with preparing for the TACHS Test.  This important exam is needed to apply for acceptance into our Diocesan Catholic high schools.  The test this year is  scheduled for November 7, 2020.  

Thank you for all your continued support of St. Matthias Catholic Academy!

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